Val di Luce

Val di Luce is situated in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in the northernmost and highest part of the Province of Pistoia and is crossed by the Rio Le Pozze, Scoltenna tributary of the creek, a tributary of the River Panaro, which flows into the river Po. Up the sixties was called the Valley of the Pools; later they were built several ski slopes and cableways, as well as a connection to the ski resort of Abetone, so that was called Val di Luce.
To the south, the head of the valley is dominated by Mount Alpe Three Powers, top 1940 meters s.l.m .; in East his right side is bounded by the ridge that stands out from Alpe Three Powers and continues north through the Passo della Vecchia, Monte Dente della Vecchia, the Passo della Fariola, Mount Elbow, high 1892 meters above sea level, and that slopes down to the villages of Faidello and New Customs, in the valley of the river Scoltenna Modena, in Frignano; West to his left side is bounded by the ridge that separates it from the Modena valley Tagliole, traveled by the namesake river, the ridge which also serves as the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna; to the north, the valley opens in the Valley Scoltenna, near the village of Fiumalbo and State Road 12 Abetone and Brenner. From the 1940 meters of Alpe s.l.m Three Powers, at the head until the products of the Rio delle Pozze in Scoltenna, to 1027 meters s.l.m., Val di Luce has a vertical drop of 913 meters and a length of about 8 km. Below the altitude of about 1550 meters s.l.m. Val di Luce is covered by coppice and tall predominantly beech, and spruce and fir, as well as mountain maple; above this height, the tree line ends meet and extensive pastures and heaths of high altitude, alternating with rocky outcrops and meadows-pastures, in the lower part, in puddles and swamps: Outstanding among them, just below the peaks Alpe Three Powers Lake Plate.